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Sell your vehicle here

Thank you for choosing Drive Africa. We are happy to invite you to join our growing network of auto dealers. Our website provides a platform for you to sell your vehicle(s). To be come a seller, just follow the three simple steps outlined below:

  1. Create an Account with us for free.
  2. When your account has been created and you have confirmed it by following the confirmation link sent to your email, you can login and start uploading the vehicle(s) you are selling.

Already have an account, login and start uploading your vehicle(s).


Selling Tips

Help make selling online safer by following these simple steps to protect yourself and buyers from online tricksters.

Step 1 Creating your ad

Creating your ad is easy, but make sure you remember to…

  1. Choose a secure password for your account.
  2. Include the correct details & features of your item.

Step 2 Deciding the selling price

Find a balance between the price you want and the price you think buyers will pay for it…

  1. Research to determine if your price expectations are realistic.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short.

Step 3 Answering buyer enquiries

Potential buyers will ask questions about the item and you to make sure you’re a legitimate seller, but…

  1. Be wary of buyers requesting specific personal details. You shouldn’t need to provide them with your account details or any banking information.
  2. Be wary of buyers who offer you much more than the asking price or who ask you to pay for services such as shipping, agent fees, or customs charges.
  3. Remember, we will never ask for your account information or login details by email.

Step 4 Inspections

Buyers can ask to inspect the item prior to purchase so they can make sure they’re happy with it…

  1. Where possible, arrange to meet at a neutral location like a police station car park and try to take someone with you.
  2. Make sure you take key information like registration details, vehicle log books and roadworthy certificates.
  3. Is the buyer who they say they are? Before they take your car, out for a spin, ask to see their licence. Bring a pen and paper so you can write it down.

Step 5 Making a deal

Before you accept an offer…

  1. Know how much you’re willing to accept and prepare to negotiate to a minimum price.
  2. Don’t take your ad down until you are certain you have received payment from the buyer – it won’t cost you anything to have it up longer.
  3. Ensure you have your transfer of ownership details ready to go.

Step 6 Receiving payment

Congratulations on your sale! Be safe when negotiating payment with the buyer…

  • We don't offer any Escrow Services, and don't recommend using money transfer services such as Western Union.
  • Don’t rely on “proof” of payment from the buyer. Check with your bank, or other provider that the money has been cleared and you can see the funds in your account before parting with your item.
  • Give the buyer a receipt to confirm you’ve received their payment.